B.B. Morgan

*** Cover Coming Soon ***

April 2018

Devil’s Blood 3: The Fancy House

In the upper east side of Belle City, the Fancy house sits vacant. Residents claim it’s haunted. Neighbors swear they’d seen the ghost of Rachel Fancy sanding at the third-floor window. Alice Malone never said she didn’t believe in ghosts, and after one strange encounter at the Fancy house, she can’t stop thinking about it. But Malone has her hands full – Snakeskin is due out of the hospital; Tehdi has lost her vision; and Malone has been spending her nights trying to get back into thieves’ guild to find Sylvester’s trail, all behind the PAB’s back. One wrong move, and it’s over.



2 thoughts on “B.B. Morgan

  1. Hi B. B., So nice of you to leave a very important comment about finding the right reviewer for a particular genre fiction. I love fantasy, magic, and science fiction. So, in the future, you may find an email from me! K. D. 🙂


  2. Fifty-one followers! I know that’s not a super high number, but it’s still amazing to think that there are that many people out there that actually care about what I say. I’m glad to have each of you aboard the Steamboat Morgan!


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