Book Review: Isaac by Robert Karmon (3/5)

Genre: historical fiction Copyright: 2017 I've got a soft spot for Holocaust stories of survival. They remind me how horrible humans can be to one another, and how awful racism and prejudice can get when promoted. We should never let that chapter of humanity die; we should teach our children what happened and why; we … Continue reading Book Review: Isaac by Robert Karmon (3/5)


Creating on the Go

I people watch. I see a lot of normal people doing normal things. I’ve seen a lot of not so normal things. I mean “normal” here loosely. For example, I consider it normal for people to stare at the ground or out the window when they walk through the library because the majority of people … Continue reading Creating on the Go

Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet

My third novel, Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet is on it's way! It hits the self-published market the first weekend in October. Caroline is no ordinary peacock, and she’ll prove it. Caroline lives a life of luxury in the Fourth Terrace of Larkin, made possible by her father’s prosperous shipping company. She daydreams about … Continue reading Caroline Eversole and the Gilded Gauntlet