About Me

Time to be a little self-centered:

I am B.B. Morgan, self-published author, fan-girl, lover of sweets, and Level 45 Word Wizard (self-declared). I currently reside in the vast fields and hills of southern Illinois. I work part-time at a library, and I’m trying to spring my writing career into the fierce world of publishing. I am a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University (BA in English/Small Press Publishing). I have my MFA (Creative Writing) from Lindenwood University.

I decided to self-publish my first novel, Devil’s Blood, after repeated rejections that came with “it’s good, but not what I’m looking for” or “I like it, but I’m packed with projects.” I spent a good deal of time working on the craft of writing, practicing through fan-fiction and reading every book on writing in the library system, until I felt my book sufficiently well-written. (I’ve since revised it again.)

And so began my indie writing career, which is an essay itself. Short version: I spent a lot of time in the online forums and communities, writing, beta reading, trying to make friends, going to school for my Masters, all in an attempt to strengthen my writing skills and the learn as much about the craft as possible.

I also like dogs, dragons, ice cream, yoga, sleeping in, coffee, Renaissance Fairs, themed parties, Harry Potter, video games, and D&D. A long term goal of mine is to be an editor. I’d like to start a small business after I’m finished with my MFA as a freelancing editor and work my way up to a small independent press. I enjoy giving feedback to beginning writers and helping draft and develop a story.

B.B. stands for Bazel Bell; no it is not my real name. I wish it were. I chose those initials because I liked how B’s looked on paper. When I donated my first novel to my library, they asked what the initials stood for (bibliographic record reasons). One internet search on B-names later, I had Bazel.