About Me

Hello! I’m B. B. Morgan: self-published author, fan-girl, and level 45 Word Wizard. I live in the southern half of Illinois and currently work part-time at a library and part-time as an English Instructor. I am a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University (English/Small Press Publishing). I have my MFA (Creative Writing) from Lindenwood University.

I’ve always loved stories, ever since I could remember. I used to sketch scenes and characters before I understood how to link a story together. I originally planned to go into medicine and become a doctor, but that dream ended when I realized I was horrible with chemistry and biology, and I’m terribly squeamish.

Then, one spring afternoon while talking a new road home, I realized that as long as I was doing what I loved, I’d never work a day in my life – I could do whatever I wanted. If I wanted to write, then I was going to write.

I transferred to SEMO as an English Major.

While in college, I stomped out the rough draft of the story that I’d slowly built since my sophomore year of high school. I had a few characters, some places, and a horribly put-together plot that (looking back) didn’t make any sense. I wrote what I thought was a first draft (it wasn’t) and started into the online forums for writers and beta readers.

A few betas and revisions later, I had almost an entirely new story. It was the same story, just better. Different angles, stronger plot, clearer villain and motivation. But, I’d already jumped the gun on the query thing, and I didn’t want to re-send 100 agents a letter. So, I self-published Devil’s Blood. I’ve since revised it four times.

I spend most of my free time writing, editing, reading, or cooling my creative muscles with some video games. I also dabble in fan-fiction (but don’t tell anyone.)

I like the indie side of publishing. Yeah, it’s hard to stand out when a lot of people turn up their nose as “self-published.” But, it’s hard to stand out on a bookshelf of a hundred spine-out books, too.

I also like dogs, dragons, ice cream, yoga, sleeping in, coffee, Renaissance Fairs, themed parties, Harry Potter, and D&D.