Have a book you’d like me to review? Awesome! Take a gander at what I read and what I don’t read. I’m more than happy to review independently published books, but be wary – I will not lower my standards because a novel is self-published. Also, please remember that I am a working woman with a mild case of Scatterbrain and Lazitis. If I select your book to read, I will post the review on my site, on Goodreads, and on Amazon if I can.

I won’t review just anything; I have to enjoy it, too. So, onto the bolded points of importance:

What I like:

In fiction, I read Adult/New Adult/Young Adult. I read 98% fantasy (most sub-genres, though I’ve got a special place in my heart for ghosts, ghost-hunting, thieves and assassins, and criminal-turned-good-guy protagonists.) I am willing to look at requests for mystery/whodunit and light science fiction.

I like whimsical and fun stories with a serious undertone; steampunk; strong female protagonists; romantic subplots; fast paced stories with a healthy balance of action and narration; a main character I can get behind and root for; and the emotional rollercoaster.

What I do not like:

I don’t read cheesy vampire/werewolves (that doesn’t mean I hate vampires and werewolves, I’m just sick of Twilight rip offs), angels/demons, or any kind of satanism or demonism. I will not read legal thrillers, police procedurals, suspense/thriller, books where the dog dies, humor, children’s, or middle grade.

I dislike chick-lit, so if you think your book would be a great pick for Oprah’s Book Club, I won’t like it. I’m also not a cozy romance/mystery fan. I don’t like the Sparks type romance. I don’t like hard science fiction where the science takes precedence over the story. I don’t like the “pre-ordained by the gods” plot device. I’m not into literary anything. I hate whiny/stupid protagonists.

I don’t like short stories, poetry, anthologies, or essays.

I am not accepting request for nonfiction.

If you’re not sure if your novel fits into my likes or dislikes, go ahead and ask. Worst case scenario: I’ll decline.

If I decide to read and review your book, I’ll contact you; due to the volume of review requests, I can’t respond to each one. Do not send my your novel in an attachment without me asking for it. I will not open it; I will not read it. I will contact you if I am interested and ask for the attachment.

Please, do not send press releases in attachments, or spend a paragraph telling how great you or your book is or how much you know I’ll love it. Tell me about the book. Just the book.

My reviewing scale is 1-5, based on how much I enjoyed it, how well-written I thought it to be, as well as plot, character, and all that jazz. If I really hated your book, I might not publish the review.

If I decide to review your book, I will ask for a mobi file (preferred), but I can also take a PDF. If I accept a free copy of your book, that does not guarantee a review; I’m busy. Life happens that way.

If you’d like to hire B.B Morgan as a freelance editor, see sister site, Night Owl Editing for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you. Yes, you.

But first, please read through all the submission guidelines. Nothing says “I didn’t read the guidelines” like clearly doing something I ask you not to do, like sending attachments without being asked or sending me a request of a genre that I said I didn’t read.

To contact: Send your name, the author’s name (if different from yours), the title of the book, the genre and sub-genre, word count, and a brief summary of the plot/characters/magical elements without giving away the ending. It doesn’t have to be a fancy summary; just tell me what happens. Also, give your book a rating (like a movie, G, PG, PG13, R) and a short explanation of why. (If there’s some violence, language, or sexual content. I won’t judge your for it. I just like to be prepared when I dive into a book. Don’t get me wrong, I like a surprise sex scene just as much as the next single girl.)

Send to BBMorgan16(at) Enter your reason for contact in the email subject, i.e. “Book Review.” Also, if you can, please include a link to the Amazon page.