Have a book you’d like me to review? Awesome! Take a gander at what I read and what I don’t read. I’m more than happy to review independently published books, but be wary – I will not lower my standards because a novel is self-published. Also, please remember that I am a working woman with a mild case of Scatterbrain and Lazitis. If I select your book to read, I will post the review on my site, on Goodreads, and on Amazon if I can.

I won’t review just anything; I have to enjoy it, too. So, onto the bolded points of importance:

What I like:

In fiction, I read Adult/New Adult/Young Adult. I read fantasy (most sub-genres, though I have particular interests in ghosts, ghost hunting, and thieves), mystery/whodunit, and light science fiction; I like whimsical and fun stories with a serious undertone. I have a soft spot for steampunk, strong female protagonists, spunky sidekicks, and slow-burn romantic interests. I like fast-paced stories with a healthy balance of action and narration. I like a main character that I can get behind and root for.

In nonfiction, I’m very picky. I like self-help books, particularly ones with a Christian background. I like stories of people overcoming depression/other mental problems and finding themselves. In nonfiction, I tend to go for sassy, intelligent prose.

What I do not like:

In fiction, I don’t read cheesy vampire/werewolves, (that doesn’t mean I hate vampires and werewolves, I’m just sick of the Twilight rip offs) angels/demons, or any kind of satanism or demonism. I will not read legal thrillers, police procedurals, suspense/thriller, smut/erotica, books where the dog dies, humor, children’s, or middle grade. I dislike chick-lit, so if you think your book would be a great pick for Oprah’s Book Club, I won’t like it. I’m also not a cozy romance/mystery fan. I don’t like the Sparks type romance. I don’t like hard science fiction where the science takes precedence over the story. I’m not into literary anything. I don’t like stories with rape scenes, explicit violence, incest, or unnecessary gore.

I don’t like short stories, poetry, or essays.

In nonfiction, I’m not big into cook books, art books, politics, economics … basically, if I didn’t say that I liked it above, assume I don’t like it.

If you’re not sure if your novel fits into like or dislike, go ahead and ask. The worst that will happen is that I’ll decline. If I decide to read and review your book, I’ll contact you; due to the volume of review requests, I can’t respond to each one. Do not send my your novel in an attachment without me asking for it. I will not open it; I will not read it. I will contact you if I am interested and ask for the attachment.

I review score of books is based solely on how much I enjoyed them.

While I would love to support my fellow indie authors, recent financial strains make that hard. If I decide to review your book, I will ask for either the PDF or Mobi; if you’re capable of sending an Amazon gift of a physical copy, that’s cool too. If I accept a free copy of your book, that doesn’t guarantee a review; I’m busy. Life happens that way. However, if in the event that I don’t finish or can’t get into the book, I probably won’t leave a review.

For writing advice, be as specific as you can or I may meander a bit in the general subject of you comment.

If you’d like to hire B.B Morgan as a freelance editor, see sister site, Night Owl Editing for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you. Yes, you.

But first, please read through all the submission guidelines. Nothing says “I didn’t read the guidelines” like clearly doing something I ask you not to do, like sending attachments without being asked.   

To contact: Send your name, the author’s name (if different from yours), the title of the book, the genre and sub-genre, word count, and a brief summary of the plot/characters/magical elements without giving away the ending. It doesn’t have to be a fancy summary; just tell me what happens. Also, give your book a rating (like a movie, G, PG, PG13, R)

Send to BBMorgan16(at) Enter your reason for contact in the email subject, i.e. “Book Review.” Also, if you can, please include a link to the Amazon page.