To contact me, please fill out the required fields below. Please remember that I am a working woman with a mild case of Scatterbrain and Lazitis.

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I am more than happy to review independently published books, but be wary – I will not lower my standards for good writing because a novel is self-published.

I will post all my book reviews on here in my Book Review blog, as well as on Goodreads and Amazon (if the books is available on those sites). I can’t guarantee that I will review your book. I will add the title to a growing list of indie books. I won’t review just anything; I have to enjoy it, too.

I like character-driven stories. Good stories go beyond genre. I want stories and characters that resonate with me. I want stories I will read over and over. However, I have a few things that turn me off a story.

I read mostly Adult fiction, with a few exceptions for Young Adult if the main character and themes are on the older end of the scale. I will not read middle grade or children’s.

I read mostly fantasy with some light science fiction. 

I like whimsical and fun stories. I have a soft spot for steampunk, strong female protagonists, spunky sidekicks, and slow-burn romantic interests. I like fast-paced stories with a healthy balance of action and narration. I like a main character that I can get behind and root for. I like a combination of action, suspense, romance, and drama, but not an overload.

I do not like cheesy vampires/werewolves, angels/demons, or satanism. I will not read legal thrillers, police procedurals, suspense, smut/erotica, books where the dog dies, children’s, or middle grade. I dislike chick-lit, so if you think your book would be a great pick for Oprah’s Book Club, I won’t like it. I’m not a fan of stories based off other stories, like Cinderella spin-offs or books in the Alice in Wonderland universe. I don’t like hard science fiction where the science takes precedence over the story. I am not a fan of the “hero’s quest” plot, or lengthy epic fantasy. Shockingly, I’m not a fan of the Tolkien-esk fantasy world.

Other things I dislike:

  • legal thrillers
  • erotica/smutty books
    • especially vampire smut
  • cheesy romance (example, Nicholas Sparks)
  • suspense
  • books where the dog dies
  • chick-lit (If you think it would be a good pick for Oprah’s Book Club, I won’t like it.)
  • hard science fiction (example, The Martian)
  • cook books/art books/travel books/how-to’s
  • rape scenes/explicit violence/incest

The list above doesn’t mean I hate all suspense and sex; a good book have have either or both, but in addition to the plot.

While I would love to support my fellow indie authors, recent financial strains make that hard. If I decide to review your book, I will ask for either the PDF or similar file. That doesn’t guarantee a review; I’m busy. Life happens that way. However, if in the event that I don’t finish or can’t get into the book, I will probably not leave a review.

Do not send me your novel in an attachment; I will not open it. I will not read it. You will then be on my list of authors to not read.

In the “Reason” field, entire the reason for the contact, such as “Book Review” or “Writing Advice” or a simple, one or two word title of your comment.

Please spell-check and use proper grammar. Garbled “txt spk” will not get a response.

For writing advice, be as specific as you can or I may meander a bit in the general subject of you comment.

If you’d like to hire B.B Morgan as a freelance editor, see sister site, Night Owl Editing for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you. Yes, you.

If I think your book will be a good match for my tastes, I’ll contact you. If your ebook is only a few dollars, I’ll probably purchase it to help my fellow indie authors out, and to eliminate Amazon’s paranoia that I’m not a “verified” buyer. If it’s more than a few dollars, I will ask that you either gift my a copy, or send me a PDF or Amazon-app compatible file.

But first, please read through the guidelines above for more information about what I read/do not read.