Devil’s Blood (Series Page)

Devil’s Blood is my independently published adult fantasy series. Currently, the first three books are available. The fourth is due out spring of 2019.

Fancy House Ebook

Devil’s Blood: Alice Malone used the supernatural boost of her devil’s blood to climb through the ranks of Belle City’s thieves’ guild. She boasts the highest bounty in the guild, an honor among thieves. Wanted posters grimace back at her from every bulletin board and newsstand. Every wannabe thief, crook, and lawless ne’er-do-well knows her name, and so does every PAB officer hunting her down. She wants more. She wants out. With one final heist, she could use the fence to get out of the guild, out of the gloomy city, and away from the ever-watching PAB.

Siren’s Snare (book 2): It’s been two months since Alice Malone started her new job as a PAB agent. She’s still getting used to the shift between law-breaker and law-bringer. People are going missing in Belle City. Too many. The case has the PAB scratching their heads and public demanding answers. By the time the case is handed to the agents, over one hundred people have vanished. No signs of struggle. No obvious cause. The people are simple gone, leaving jobs, friends, and families worried. Malone and Snakeskin retrace the the latest vanishings, but their only clue is a strange midnight sound. The case takes a turn when one of the men returns in a hypnotic daze, and dies shortly after. Time is running out to find the others, and Malone refuses to give up.

The Fancy House (book 3): On the upper east side of Belle City, the Fancy house sits empty. Locals claim it’s haunted. When a call takes Malone inside the house, she finds the ghost of a dead girl, and something much worse. She can’t stop thinking about the Fancy house, but she has her hands full. Snakeskin is due out of the hospital, Tehdi has lost her vision, and Malone has been spending her nights trying to get back into the thieves’ guild to find Sylvester’s trail, all behind the PAB’s back. Ghosts, thieves, and sounds underneath the floorboards – one wrong step, and it’s over.

The Dust Riders (book 4): Spring of 2019